Done By Pastor Jessie Morales


Triune Learning Center
The Triune Learning Center's goal is to target each of your educational needs in our local community. Our Staff of professional educators offers courses with emphasis on students who are currently seeking a High School Diploma, Standardized Test-Taking Skills, as well as those who need homework assistance. Our objective is to found a learning center that embraces a holistic approach to learning, not only focusing on the mind, but also the spirit and body of the student.

The Water Project

TOLCF is helping raise funds to provide clean, safe drinking water to people who suffer needlessly without it in the developing world, and could really use your help! Our donations will be used to construct a specific water project. We'll get pictures, GPS coordinates, and reports from the field, as they happen. We'll see the actual results of what we've done. For more information or to make a donation go to by clicking Here

Guatemala Outreach

A team of people from Tree of Life Christian Fellowship teamed with Go minitsties, are planning a mission trip to Guatemala in July 2013. The team will serve the people of a Guatemalan town for one week. They will be preparing and serving food, working with children in school, helping with mechanical projects and some qualified medically trained people will be participating in medical projects. For more information on GO ministries click Here

More Information on Other Ministries Coming Soon